5 Keys to Great Movies and Great Rooms

Since it’s Oscar Sunday, I was pondering what makes great movies and how those qualities are shared by great rooms.  Of course movie preferences and design styles are subjective. But I think we can all agree on these 5 basic qualities.

dezeen_Jaffa-House-by-Pitsou-KedemCaptivating movies and intriguing spaces must have an engaging story.  The story can be subtle yet it must be interesting.  In this former factory now a home designed by Pitsou Kedem Architects, the tale is told through the arches and the thick walls of stone, clay, and shells. The simple modern furnishings integrate softly and place the story in modern times.

Parisienne charmer Classic movies have engaging characters that draw you in to their world.  Like films, stunning rooms are a blend of characters, some are the stars and others support the star, or even steal the show. Combined they create a rich tapestry with depth, color, and personality. In this Parisienne home, designed by D. Mesure, the lapis lazuli velvet sofa spars for the win with the mesmerizing portrait above. Your home should reflect your character. Use only what you love, and it will work, and show your personality, life history, and style.

George Nunno home Elle DecorEvery movie must have drama and so must every inspiring space.  I always say that each room needs a statement piece, a piece that takes it from drab and dull to vivacious and interesting.  George Nunno has created a perfect balance of drama and subtlety in his own home in Manhattan. Start by fearlessly adding one piece that makes you a bit nervous in style or color to bring drama to your rooms.

Roogiem house desiretoinspireEvery great movie has at least a sliver of humor and my favorites tend to place it where you least expect it, and it’s truly original.  Jean Philippe Demeyer restored this Belgian moated manor with an incredible story, characters with depth and their own tales, a wealth of drama, and a genius sense of humor.  You’ll want to see more by clicking the image. Armed with that inspiration add one unexpected amusing and playful piece to bring delight to you and your rooms.

Marie-Olsson-Nylander-House-3To maintain the vision and bring it to life, every memorable movie and each glorious room needs a great director.  Designer Marie Olsson Nylander took a vacant for 30 years Swedish villa and transformed it in to a sensational home.  That story is brought to life by characters of every color, culture, and style. The perfect amount of drama enlivens every corner and all of these elements share a bit of whimsy.

Use these five basic principles of first rate films and award winning homes to lead your rooms down the red carpet and make you the ultimate winner. You can thank me in your acceptance speech!

Imagine the possibilities,


Timeless Interior Design for Every Year

Happy New Year!  I wish you all a year filled with nature outside your window and shelter that inspires you.  I try to live in the present and avoid forecasting or living by trends.  So let’s start the new year with design elements that are timeless, nurturing, and always in style. Oh, and they’re gorgeous too!

Chic-Metal-Side-Table kateobriendsdotcom

Metallics reflect your personality and day light and add vibrancy to any space.  The movement as the light and shadows play around them is magical. Be fearless and mix them up to create a captivating balance of shiny and worn and gleaming and weathered.

Color Lovers Welcome

Color is always inspiring or nurturing or energizing or calming, whatever your heart desires! Close your eyes and visualize your favorite things and the colors within them.  Now transfer those colors to your walls or ease yourself in with colorful furnishings.

ImaginEco cork wall covering

Texture’s tactile qualities add depth and reality to rooms.  Here I used cork wall covering, with splashes of metallic copper running through it, creating soothing texture with a funky sparkle. Layer gossamer with ribbed and velvety with knotty, as nature does, to create a rich composition.

Bloch design glass fireplace 2

And there’s always glass – stunning and timeless in every incarnation. It’s one of light’s best friends as they enhance each other so well. Add clear glass tables and lamps to bring a bright airiness to any space.

Hudson_Furniture_“O”_BaseNo material touches each of us as wood does.  It affects us most in its living form while providing shade and shelter and year round beauty.  When crafted by artisans and gracing our home as an integral part of our lives, wood fills our innate need for nature. Bring it inside with reclaimed wood or with wood that’s certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.  Always choose woods with natural finishes.

Share the info and the love with your friends…pass it on!

Imagine the possibilities,